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Another storm just passed through South Louisiana…

Hurricane Ida left plenty of damage in her wake, but thankfully, it was nowhere near the destruction of 2016.

With no power and businesses closed, two friends sat on the porch. As they enjoyed the constant breeze and a few cigars, they wondered how to help their community.

Storms bring opportunities—to persevere, reposition, and help others do the same. It’s no secret Louisiana and Texas have their share of storms. These two decided it was time to be part of the solution.

But how?

Starting with storm response, and then to restoration construction, Showroom Ready Homes found a space to help homeowners in hard situations—home disasters.

Home disasters are stressful. Whether from a storm, a leaky pipe, or a careless accident, these disasters disrupt routines and the comforts of home. We all just want to get back to normal as fast as possible.

Sadly, it’s not that simple. There are difficulties in dealing with home contractors and insurance claims can get confusing. Even small issues can cause big headaches and take months to resolve.

The experts at Showroom Ready Homes are ready to bring you relief.
  • Our knowledgeable inspectors use the same tools as insurance companies and fully understand their process, so your claim receives full coverage. We “speak” insurance, become your advocate, saving you stress and protecting you from paying more than your deductible.
  • We are responsive. Our aim is to show up the day you reach out because you want to get back to normal as fast as possible. Also, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, being available for questions, and consistently communicating in the process.
  • We are reliable. Our skilled crews take care of everything, from roofs to floors, getting the job done right the first time. The goal is not only to get you back to normal but get your home showroom ready.
    That’s our niche, but we are happy to help however we can.
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From remodeling to insurance claims to maintenance and more, we bring the same responsive, reliable service.

Profile Picture of Jeremy Fontana Branch Manager

Jeremy Fontana

Baton Rouge Branch Manager
1. Before SHOWROOM? I worked operations at a plant
2. Why restoration? I love working in restoration reconstruction because I like getting customers back in their homes and seeing a project through to completion.
3. Favorite thing about SHOWROOM? The employees. My coworkers are just as dedicated to making a difference as I am. I appreciate working for a company with not only good work morals but good family morals.


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